UK CHP Map: Who Uses Combined Heat and Power?

Posted by Clare Burns on 29-Apr-2014 10:00:00

A profile of combined heat and power usage throughout the UK.

Infographic   The UK’s CHP heat map

How much is used?

Combined Heat and Power is helping organisations all across the UK to cut both costs and emissions by reusing heat from electrical generation.

CHP isn’t just for large industrial users. Since 2008, the number of CHP schemes rated below 10MWe has grown by almost half.

Amount of sub 10 MWe CHP systems installed in the UK in 2008: 1,257

Amount of sub 10 MWe CHP systems installed in the UK in 2012: 1,860

Increase: 47.97%

Sub 1MWe capacity has jumped by over a third (37%) in the UK since 2010.

Even small users can make significant savings

Micro-CHP units, systems of 50kWe or below, are feasible in small businesses and can make significant carbon savings when deployed as the lead boiler in a typical small commercial plant room.

Compared to conventional heating and grid electricity, micro CHP systems can reduce carbon emissions by around 16% or 15 tonnes per year.

This was the median in a window that saw savings vary between 12-21%, depending on factors such as the type of installation and the amount of planning and forethought that went into design and sizing.

How much CO2 are organisations saving with it?

CHP helps energy users to save on CO2 emissions by increasing energy efficiency at sites such as hospitals, leisure centres, commercial buildings and factories. The CO2 savings from UK CHP plants jumped in 2012, thanks to higher utilisation and increased CO2 intensity on the grid.

Megatonnes of CO2 saved through CHP, 2011: 9.04

Megatonnes of CO2 saved through CHP, 2012: 10.25

Increase: 13.4%

What fuel does it burn?

Natural gas is the fuel of choice for most CHP applications in the UK: 69% of them use it.

After that, renewable fuels in the form of biomass and biogasesare the most common.

Refinery gases and coal rank fourth and fifth.

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