ReGenerate Magazine | April 2015

Posted by Ian Hopkins on 21-Apr-2015 10:43:00

Welcome to the second edition of the ENER-G Combined quarterly update, REGENERATE



As the benefits of Combined Heat and Power systems are increasingly recognised, a CHP skillset is now crucial for consultant design engineers.

Warming to the cause

Why is UK plc getting so interested in (and benefiting from) CHP? The 2050 target to reduce 80% of greenhouse gas emissions is one reason.

Big or Small?

Proportion really does matter for consultant design engineers. It is essential that CHP units are correctly sized – in fact, it is crucial to a project’s viability

Green Agenda

How food and drink manufacturers can combat rising energy costs. Do your job well and you can save hundreds, thousands and even millions of pounds.

High Five

CHP units are perfectly suited to the demands of the food and drink manufacturing industry. Here are 5 of the biggest benefits CHP can bring to your plant.

Going for Green

Looking to develop a more effective approach to energy efficiency? Here is your 5-point checklist to help you.

CHP in your CPD

...because a little knowledge goes a long way

As the benefits of cogeneration systems - Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - are increasingly recognised, a CHP skillset is now crucial for consultant design engineers.

Here’s your first how-to lesson, covering the main aspects of cogeneration systems.


See how CHP can improve your CPD. Download our complete eGuide for free: Essential CHP Checklist - What every consultant needs to know.

Essential CHP Checklist - What Every Consultant Needs to Know

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Ian Hopkins

Ian Hopkins is a technical sales professional and business leader with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering energy efficiency projects and strategy in Europe and the United States. Ian currently heads up the Sales and Marketing function as one of the board directors at ENER-G Combined Power Ltd.