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Posted by Ian Hopkins on 01-Jul-2014 10:00:00

describe the imageWelcome to the first edition of the ENER-G Combined Power eMagazine. 

Here you’ll discover our pick of the past three months’ news, features and advice around Combined Heat and Power, covering BREEAM regulations, correct unit sizing, CHP maintenance contracts and more.

CHP and building regulations: How to achieve BREEAM ratings

An overview of what BREEAM ratings are, why they are valuable and what needs to be considered in order to ensure that CHP schemes maximise their impact on BREEAM ratings.

WTH is CHP? A guide to the energy industry’s acronyms

Don’t let abbreviations and acronyms cause CHP confusion. Learn all the terms you need here.

What is cogeneration? Six good reasons to choose CHP

Here are six reasons why cogeneration is an efficient way to power your organisation.

Selecting CHP: the ultimate checklist

An essential checklist for consultants to ensure they’ve got every aspect of CHP planning covered.

Size matters: the importance of choosing the right CHP unit

Don’t lose CHP efficiency by specifying the wrong sized Combined Heat and Power unit.

The importance of lifetime maintenance

Inefficiently maintained CHP systems can cost you your energy savings and government benefits. Avoid the risks with a CHP maintenance agreement.


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Ian Hopkins

Ian Hopkins is a technical sales professional and business leader with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering energy efficiency projects and strategy in Europe and the United States. Ian currently heads up the Sales and Marketing function as one of the board directors at ENER-G Combined Power Ltd.