Healthy Diet - How to Turn Your Food Waste into Clean, Renewable Energy

Posted by Clare Burns on 15-Sep-2015 09:00:00

Two food and drink manufacturers: one using conventional energy supplies and one using biogas. See the difference and how the use of renewable energy could save millions in the long term.

This infographic comes in a short, visual format to help you quickly assess the potential impact of using food waste to create biogas for cogeneration.

Take a look to see how you could achieve both major energy cost savings and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Renewable energy production requires detailed planning and careful management.

What to Consider When Planning a Biogas Project (F&D)

Topics: Food and Drink Manufacturing

Clare Burns

Clare Burns is a technical marketer with many years’ experience in the energy arena, as well as in fashion, telecoms and education. Fluent in 3 languages, Clare has worked across Europe. She currently works for ENER-G, a UK manufacturer of carbon reducing, energy efficient products exporting its cogeneration technology across the globe.