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Posted by Ian Hopkins on 13-Dec-2016 14:00:00

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The most read guides of 2016 to help you get the most out of Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) converts a single fuel into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use. CHP is highly energy efficient and as well as supplying heat and power, it can deliver a number of positive financial, operational and environmental benefits.

Here, we present the 5 most read eGuides that will help you get the most out of CHP to drive greener, more efficient projects.



The Essential Guide to Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

As the gas price remains low, and the electricity price rises, CHP in the industrial and commercial sectors will play a crucial role in securing a greener future for the UK.



The ENER-G CHP Technical Manual

This technical manual contains the latest technical specifications for ENER-G’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems ranging from 50kW to 500kW.



The Energy Saving Guide for Business and Industry

Reduce your energy bills and operations costs by 20%. Global energy consumption is projected to rise by about 35% by 2040, and Electricity demand is set to increase by 85%. Both increased demand and consumption will lead to increased energy costs.



Building for the future: How decisions at the planning stage can help you create an energy efficient building fit the 21st century

It’s essential that you establish an achievable scope for any building project. This takes time so that the requirements can be properly understood, defined, evaluated and integrated into the plans for the building. Work toward a greener future. Develop energy efficient buildings fit for the 21st century.



Deep Green: How criteria for 21st century building performance is testing the environmental credentials of developers and estate managers.

Around 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions comes from energy used in buildings. By 2025, a 50% reduction is sought by the UK government. Discover how criteria for 21st century building performance is testing the environmental credentials of developers and estate managers.


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Ian Hopkins

Ian Hopkins is a technical sales professional and business leader with more than 15 years’ experience in delivering energy efficiency projects and strategy in Europe and the United States. Ian currently heads up the Sales and Marketing function as one of the board directors at ENER-G Combined Power Ltd.