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Posted by Ian Hopkins on 06-Dec-2016 09:28:37

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The most read articles of 2016 from the ENER-G Combined Heat and Power (CHP) blog

Energy efficiency reform, as well as the cost of energy, was high on the government's agenda for 2016, and it’s likely to stay there and continue as a pressing issue for 2017.

Heat is rising on the energy agenda. The government recognises that heat is a big player; it’s half of our energy use, it’s half of our emissions from energy, and it’s about a third of our overall country emissions – and CHP can be fundamental in tackling it. With that in mind, we present the five articles from 2016 that got you talking…



Top 10 tips for getting the best out of CHP

CHP can achieve 85% efficiency and cost savings of up to 40% on network supplied electricity and heat from conventional on-site boilers. But the case for CHP must be carefully examined to maximise return on investment.



How building information modeling (BIM) can improve future energy consumption

What are the benefits of using BIM to improve building performance and create a sustainable, energy efficient development fit for the 21st century?



How the UK government construction strategy 2025 is affecting building development

The government’s building strategy Construction 2025 aims to reduce emissions by 50%. Is this achievable – and how can Combined Heat and Power (CHP) play a part?



London Calling: Leading the way for greener building design

As London leads the way for greener building design, what are the benefits of thinking about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for inner-city developers looking to be lean, clean, and green?



The BREEAM Benchmark: How to get an outstanding rating for your development

BREEAM is the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for master-planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings. This is how you can get an ‘outstanding’ rating for your project…


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