CHP FAQ: Green Hospitality & Leisure

Posted by Clare Burns on 23-Aug-2016 15:28:21

Low carbon energy, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is an attractive option for hospitality and leisure businesses given that heat is captured during the generation of electricity. Here are some of the common questions about CHP in the sector answered by the experts.

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CHP in Your CPD: What Building Engineers Need To Know About Cogeneration

Posted by Clare Burns on 16-Aug-2016 13:42:43

A practical, how-to guide covering the main aspects of cogeneration systems that a consultant needs to understand when specifying small-scale CHP.

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Topics: CHP

Using or losing? How to monitor and control energy consumption in your hotels and leisure centres

Posted by Ian Hopkins on 09-Aug-2016 09:41:50

A business that uses energy more efficiently is more competitive, more attractive to customers, and more likely to be ready to comply with future environmental legislation. How much energy do you use and where can you cut back?

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Topics: Hospitality and Leisure

Taking the heat out of energy consumption in hospitality and leisure: The key success stories

Posted by Clare Burns on 02-Aug-2016 15:00:00

Labels on lights and reusing towels are important, but they’re yesterday’s energy saving tactics. The most competitive hotels and leisure centres are investing more heavily in energy efficient technology – and reaping the rewards.

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Topics: CHP, Hospitality and Leisure

The Energy Consultant's Guide to a Green Energy Brief

Posted by Clare Burns on 26-Jul-2016 12:39:51

A practical overview of how Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology can be specified to meet a green energy brief

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